Mademoiselle K

I'm absolutely no fan of Christmas (there's nothing about it that I like to be honest), I much prefer New Years Eve. However, this is the perfect time to sum up things I wish for (not as a christmas present, mind you, we only give gifts to children in my family). But a girl can dream, right?
Mimi Holliday Bella Donna.
I don't think this would work very well for me, bras in size S, M, L never do, but I love the idea of it and believe it would look amazing under a derss or knitted sweater. As a classicist I also find the name thrilling, as Belladonna is the name of a plant the roman women ued to enlarge their eye's pupils, which was considered very beautiful. Ovid wrote about this in his Ars Amatoria and Carl von Linné (Linnaeus) named it Atropa from the greek godess who cuts off the threads of life, and I really want to think that the lovely people at Mimi Holliday's HQ thought about this when they named the line :)
Panache Clara gold briefs in XS/S
I bought the bra almost a year ago and it's become one of my staples even though I had to take it in and the gore is stabbing me after a couple of hours of wear. I really regret not buying the matching briefs because now I can't seem to find them in my size anywhere...
Karolina Laskowska Anita choker.
Hopeless Lingerie Selene harness knickers.
Sadly waaay out of my knicker budget...
Comexim Adore bra + breifs.
I grew out of my Comexims, so I'm most definately going to get this set when I've saved up the money! I love how sophisticated this set looks and I'm trying to tone down the colour explosion in my drawer with some black.
Ewa Michalak S Syrena.
While the S-cut isn't my best EM cut, I culdn't resist this lovely colour combination and ordered it while it was on sale. EM will probably always be one of the brands that works best for me, and I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of the Syrena :)
Flash You And Me Six strap bondage garter belt.
To go with my Louise harness of course! Isn't it gorgeous?
Playful Promises Magdalene Virgin print harness briefs
They seem to be sold out, unfortunately, but I'm a huge fan of this design. Despite being an atheist I have a soft spot for religious art and these are just too good to miss out on! I hope I'll find them somewhere else soon...
Playful Promises Juliet Harness bra
You probably can't have missed that PP have a new DD-G line with 28-36 bands! I've been a fan of theirs for a while but haven't been able to wear any of their bras until now, now the only thing I miss is the means to try them as they're not the cheapest (on the other hand they're not super expensive either!). I'd really like to try the Juliet as teh design is really something I've never seen befor and really exciting!

Blue Reign Robyn bra
Blue Reign is a new brad with quite an impressing size chart to choose from, and I really like the looks of this particular style. Morally, I couldn't justify buying leather (I'm really picky about this, I relly don't want to support industries killing other creatures), so I was super pleased to find that Blue Reign uses vegan leather! Now I just need to save up for it!
All pictures are stock photos.
Flash you and me Louise harness
As always, purhased with my own money and all opinions are my own.
Jag måste erkänna att jag titiat på Hopeless Lingeries, och liknande märkens, grejer ganska länge nu (alltså, deras bondageinspirerade trosor är ju sååå läckra), men liknande små designers är tyvärr lite väl dyra för mig. Så av en slump upptäckte jag Fl*sh You And Me, ett Lettiskt märke, och Louise, prissatt till det lite mer plånboksvänliga 25.
--- english ---
I've been drooling over Hopeless Lingerie's harnesses designs (seriously, their harness knickers are divine), and the likes for quite some time now, but since independent designers often are quite pricey I haven't been able to try them yet. And then I found Fl*sh You And Me, a Latvian designer, and at 26 this darling is a little more wallet-friendly.
Låt mig presentera Louise! Den kommer i två storlekar: XS-M och L-XL, och de gyllene reglagen låter en bestämma själv hur den ska sitta. Eftersom min torso är kort, blev jag glad över att det även går att korta bandet i mitten. Här bärs den tillsammans med en alldeles för liten (28F) Freya Deco.
Ladies, I give you the Louise harness! It comes in two sizes, XS-M and L-XL, and the golden sliders let you adjust to whatever size fits your body. Since I have a short torso I'm thankful that the middle strap also is adjustable. Here it's being worn with a way to small Freya Deco (28F).
Det kanske är för tidigt att uttala mig om kvalitéten, i och med att jag bara använt Louise ett par gånger, men jag har en känsla av att den kommer att hålla ett bra tag eftersom ingenting känns billigt eller lågkvalitativt. Den skär inte in eller skaver. Det går dessutom att beställa den i en massa olika färger (ännu billigare, för 20) och på förpackningen finns förslag på hur den kan bäras (som en accessoar till underkläder, under en lösare tröja eller utanpå en tightare topp), vilket var en rolig touch.
I haven't worn the Louise more than a coulple of times, but I have no doubt that it will last a long time, as nothing about it feels cheap or low-quality. It doesn't cut in or irritates my skin at all. It comes in an abundance of colours (retails at only 20) and it also came with suggenstions on how to wear it (to accessoirize your lingerie, under a loose top, over a fitted top, etc) which was a very nice touch.
Summa summarum är jag mycket nöjd med mitt köp, och har även fastnat för den matchande strumpebnadshållaren "Bondage", men då den kostar lite mer, 45, får den vänta ett tag. För tillfället är jag ganska inne på svarta underkläder, för av någon anledning är min låda väldigt färggrann och jag skulle vilja kunna matcha mer fritt.
Overall I'm really glad I bought this, and already have my eyes set on the matching "Bondage garter belt", although at 45 I have to wait a month or two before I can afford it. I'm currently on the look-out for black lingerie, I have no idea why but for some reason my drawer is very colourful and I would love to have more pieces to mix and match.
Do you like the strappy lingerie trend? Have you tried something similar to Louise or do you have any experience with Fl*ash you and me?