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Ewa Michalak S Syrena set 65G/36 + Horace's poems
I purchased this bra when it was released, but have'nt gotten around to review it yet. I've worn it quite a bit though and it's one of my staple bras.
Band: The band is a 65, but fits like a 60, and I can wear it on the tightest hook, but if I know I'm going to be active during the day I usually put on the Rixie clip. I have had this bra since it came out and the band had a tighter fit before washing it a couple of times.
Cups: The cups are a three part construction with removable pads. They are deep, projected and narrow, which is perfect for me. The wires are sturdy and the gore is medium in hight. 2x3 hooks+ eyes.
Details: I love the details! The lace is slightly metallic and has a lovely shine, and I'm a huge fan of the eyelash lace. I adore the huge magenta bow on the gore (even tough it makes the bra sort of hard to wear with low necklines) ad I really like the jewely colour scheme og emerald, blue and magenta.
Fit: When I got this bra the cups were too big for me, but as my size fluctate they're now slightly too small and I get a slight quadding on the left (bigger) boob. I usually wear the removable pad in the right cup to even size difference out, but I wouldn't be able to wear it in both cups. Still, I love that there's an option.
The lace doesn't lie flat under clothes, so I usually don't wear the Syrena under clingy fabrics.
Conclusion: I love this bra so much, it fits me well both in size and shape, which is unusual for my projected centre heavy boobs with narrow roots, but Ewa Michalak usually works very well for me (at least the models S, SM, and BM does). It quads a bit right now, but as I flutcate throughout the month teher are days when it doesn't. This is one of my staple bras. I tend not to wear it under clingy fabrics, because the lace shows, but it's fine for thicker fabrics or rommier tops. It gives me a lovely cleavage, and although the lift is great it's not like a push-up bra. I love the colour scheme - just like a peacock, don't you agree?
The bottom of the band under the cups roll up a bit, and even if this isn't uncomfortable for me, I wish it wouldn't. I think the bands of the newer models are looser than on the older models, which is a bit sad for me (I'd need a 60 band in EM as my ideal band is a 55 and EM runs about a size small, which would be a special order, cost more and is non-returnable).
The bra can be found here.
While I'm not a huge fan og thongs (why didn't I buy the brief???) these are quite comfortable. That said I haven't used them more than a couple of times. They fit quite well, but are slightly big on me, and I would perhaps have been better off with a size 34. It's pretty though, I'll say that, and match the bra very well.
It's a dark blue polyamide/polyester mix with a cotton gusset, green and blue trimming lace and a big magenta bow back, which although charming, shows under tight fitting clothes.
The thong can be found here.
You've probably stumbled upod Horace without even knowing it before. He wrote things like Carpe Diem and Nunc est bibendum and Pulvis et umbra sumus, but exept for qutes everyone wanted as a tattoo five years ago and now sort of regrets, he was one of the most imortant roman poets and his opus is well worth digging into even today.
I picked up this copy of the book in an underground book shop in Rome, and it is has Horace's iambic poetry (the odes and epodes) translated into italian. Now, my italian isn't good enough to read poetry like this, but it has the latin text, which is why I bought it. You should be able to find english translations in just about any book shop worth the name and of course it's also available online (see link below). As a latin student you read quite a lot of Horace (or Horatius as he's really called), and his poetry really speaks even 2000 years after it was written. I can't really review it as I would a novel, partly because I would be very partial (I am of the radical notion that everyone should study Latin in school) and partly because I have no idea how to review poetry. I'll say this though: his verses are both very technically advanced and at the same time they are able to convey feelings.
You can find some of the poems translated into English here, and in Latin here.
I paid for these products myself and all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Jag lägger mycket tid och energi på mina inlägg, och eftersom att jag för tillfället både är på resande fot och skriver B-uppsats hoppas jag att ni kan ha överseende med att jag inte riktigt hinner översätta den här gången, de flesta av mina läsare kan ju inte svenska.
SM Cukiereczek 65G + Allt Det Där Jag Sade Till Dig Var Sant av Amanda Svensson. Lingerie & Literature
I own quite a collection of Ewa Michalak bras by now, and I've tried most of their cuts. While my most frequently used bra at the moment it the S Syrena, the SM cut will probably always be my favourite. I've owned a range of different sizes in it and there're several reasons why I love it!
Nu har jag en iten samlig från Ewa Michalak, skulle man kunna säga, och jag har testat de flresta av deras olika modeller. Den EM-BH:n jag använder mest just nu är S Syrena, men bortsett från det är min favoritmodell SM-BH:arna. Jag har haft modellen i väldigt många olika storlekar och det finns en herrans massa anledningar till varför jag älsar dem allihop.
Band: is the main reason why I love the SM cut. It's tight and unlike the S bras I own it doesn't stretch much at all over time. If you don'tr know this EM band run a size saller than their tags say (I think some of the newer models run more true to size, but I'm not sure). 2 hooks + eyes.
Bandet: är den främsta anledningen till att jag älskar SM-modellerna. Det är riktigt tight, och till skillnad från S-modellerna behåller det oftast sin tighthet trots flitigt användande. Om du aldrig testat märket förut kan jag berätta att deras band i realiteten är en storlek mindre än lappen säger.(är inte helt säkeer på att detta även gäller de allra nyaste BH:arna dock). 2 öglor + krokar.
Cups: are three parts mesh without stretch and have these lovely rose embroidery on them. They're perfectly sheer but the embroidery covers most of my nipples so I don't feel like I need to worry about my nipples shouwing through lighter coloured tops :) The cups are ever so slightly too big (but sizing down would have meant massive quadboobing, I hate being between sizes), but they work. The only irritating thing is that they come up a bit too high on the sides for my liking.
Kuporna: består av tre delar ostretchigt mesh och är fulla av älskliga broderier! De är alldeles geomskinliga, men broderierna r strategiskt placerade över bröstvårtora, så man behöver inte oroa sig för att de ska synas igeon en tunn blus :) Kuporna är precis på gränsen till för stora för mig, men om jag hade haft en storlek  mindre hade de varit för små (hatar att vara mellan storlekar just nu), men de fungerar ändå som de är nu. Det ända irriterande är att kuporna är lite för höga på sidorna och skär in lite i armhålorna.
Details: Can we please take a minute and look at the embroidery? Done? Yeah, I know, it's awesome and definately puts it in the cathegory "most beautiful bras I own". There are also almost neon pink bows on the apex and the gore, and honestly I think it would have been more beautiful without these, but they certainly add to the fun and playful side of the bra!
Detaljer: Alltså titta på broderierna en stund! Hur fina? Jag får typ hjärtformade ögon av att titta på dem och de får BH:n att kvala in som en av mina allra finaste! Det finns också neonrosa rosetter på axelbanden och kilen, men helt ärligt tycker jag nästan att BH:n vore vackrare utan dem, även om de bidrar massa till dess lekfulla och roliga sida.
Fit: the fit is almost perfect. It's a tiny bit big in the cups, but I think I'll grow into them eventually, or at least it fits perfectly when I'm at that point in my cycle where my boobs magically gains almost a wghole cupsize and nothing else fits anymore! If it wasn't quite so high under the arms I'd have absolutely no complains. I get a rounded and uplifted shape, like most Ewa's, but since it's an unpadded bra I'm still able to dress it down a bit. It's also really nice to have this kind of bras in the summer since it breathes so well. There's also enough space at the gore for my center full boobs and that's really rare!
Passformen: är nästintill perfekt. Den är bara aningen för stor i kupan, men jag tror att jag växer i den ganska snart, den passar tminstone perfekt under vissa dagar i min cykel (mina bröst ändras ganska mycket under en månad)!Om den bara inte vore riktigt så hög under armarna hade jag inte haft ett enda klagomål. Formen är upplyft och rund, som i de flesta av Ewas modeller, men eftersom den är ovadderad är den mer flexibel och lättare att "tona ned". DEssutom är det en skön modell att ha på sommaren eftersom den andas. Det finns också tillräckligt med utrymme för min centertunga byst vilket är ganska sällsynt!
Conclusion: I would recommend this bra to anyone who's got my breast shape, i.e. narrow rooted and projected with center fullness, just like I'd recommend every other bra from the SM cut. I personally feel like the straps are a bit too far apart placed and I don't really like how high up it comes under the arms, it doesn't chafe or anything but it's a bit uncomfortalbe. But then I have a super short torso, so that might be why.
The only downside to it all is that it might get quite pricey to order from Poland, especially if you live in the states. I never regretted buying from Ewa Michalak. My returns has always been simple and I never had any problems with their customer services even when I've made special orders (I have a couple of bras that were made with smaller bands than are available in their webshop), but I know a couple of bloggers that have, so that might be worth to take into account if you decide to order straight from them.
Slutsats: Jag skulle rekommendera den här BH:n till alla med liknande behov som jag har, alltså människor med bröst som är fylligast mot kilen, med smala rötter och som behöver en del projektion, preis som jag skule rekommendera SM-modellerna i allmänhet. Personligen kanske axelbanden sitter lite långt ut på axlarna, och jag är inget jättefan av kläder som petar mig i armhålorna, men jag är rätt liten och kort så det är möjligt att detta är icke-problem för personer som är lite längre och har bredare bröstkorg. DEt skaver liksom inte, det är bara lite obekvämt.
Det enda problemet med Ewa är att det kan bli lite dyrt att beställa från Polen, speciellt om man bor i USA eller Australien. Jag har aldrig ångrat något jag köpt från dem, och jag har aldrig stött på problem när jag försökt lämna tillbaka något eller gjort specialbeställningar (Jag har några BH:ar med mindre band än de som finns i deras webshop), med jag vet att några av mina bloggarkollegor fått problem med detta, och det kan vara bra att ta med i beräkningarna om du vill beställa något direkt från dem i stället för via en återförsäljare.
Book: I don't normlly read this kind of books to be honest, but I was recommended it by a friend who has a litterary taste similar to mine, so I gave it a go and guess what - I couldn't put it down! It's got all the typical traits of a girly teenage book (the complicated boy, bad self confidence, psychological problems, a good friend, you know the drill), but there's also a quite intellectual touch to it with references to great litterary works, mythology, music, and that really get my reading spirit up. I espcially adore that the Sylvia Plath and Vladimir Mayakovsky references comes back allthrough the book, as I absolutely love Mayakovsky's poetry . And it's quite well written and structured as well. I haven't read any more from Amanda Svensson, but I've heard it also good for being modern chicklit, a genre I don't care for too much.
But what's more, it highlights some serious problems; it's about abusive relations and how easy it is to fall into one and how hard it is to get out of it, It's about the right to one's own body and it's about creating an identity and the blurred line between reality and fiction. In other words - it's a book most teenage girls really should read because these themes are important to discus.
I'm sorry that I seem to have picked a book that hasn't been translated into English :/ The title, however, would be translated as All of what I told you was true.
Boken: Normalt sett håller jag mig långt ifrån chicklithyllorna, men en vän med liknande litterär smak rekommenderade Allt det där jag sade till dig var sant, så jag bestämde mig för att läsa. Och gissa vad: jag kunde inte lägga den ifrån mig! Den har all typiska bok-för-tonårstjejer-attribut (den svåra killen, dåligt självförtroende, psykologiska problem, en god vän, och allt det där) men där finns också en intellektuell vind med referenser till stora litterära verk, mytologi, musik, och det var nog vad som fångade mitt intresse. Jag gillade verkligen att Sylvia Plath och Majakovskij återkommer i hela boken, jag älskar verkligen Majakovskijs poesi. Boken är dessutom välskriven och välstrukturerad, och fast jag inet läst något annat av författaren har jag hört att även det ska hålla en rätt hög standard för genren.
Men det viktigaste är att boken belyser riktiga probelm: den handlar om psykisk och fysisk misshandel och hur lätt det är att utsättas och utsätta sig själv för det, och hur svårt det kan vara att komma ifrån, den handlar om rätten till sin egen kropp och den handlar om att skapa sin egen identitet och om de luddiga gränserna mellan verklighet och fantasi. Med andra ord är det en bok de flesta tonårstjejer borde läsa, för dessa ämnen är verkligen viktiga och måste diskuteras och uppmärksammas!
Tyvärr verkar boken inte finnas på engelska än :/
I'm absolutely no fan of Christmas (there's nothing about it that I like to be honest), I much prefer New Years Eve. However, this is the perfect time to sum up things I wish for (not as a christmas present, mind you, we only give gifts to children in my family). But a girl can dream, right?
Mimi Holliday Bella Donna.
I don't think this would work very well for me, bras in size S, M, L never do, but I love the idea of it and believe it would look amazing under a derss or knitted sweater. As a classicist I also find the name thrilling, as Belladonna is the name of a plant the roman women ued to enlarge their eye's pupils, which was considered very beautiful. Ovid wrote about this in his Ars Amatoria and Carl von Linné (Linnaeus) named it Atropa from the greek godess who cuts off the threads of life, and I really want to think that the lovely people at Mimi Holliday's HQ thought about this when they named the line :)
Panache Clara gold briefs in XS/S
I bought the bra almost a year ago and it's become one of my staples even though I had to take it in and the gore is stabbing me after a couple of hours of wear. I really regret not buying the matching briefs because now I can't seem to find them in my size anywhere...
Karolina Laskowska Anita choker.
Hopeless Lingerie Selene harness knickers.
Sadly waaay out of my knicker budget...
Comexim Adore bra + breifs.
I grew out of my Comexims, so I'm most definately going to get this set when I've saved up the money! I love how sophisticated this set looks and I'm trying to tone down the colour explosion in my drawer with some black.
Ewa Michalak S Syrena.
While the S-cut isn't my best EM cut, I culdn't resist this lovely colour combination and ordered it while it was on sale. EM will probably always be one of the brands that works best for me, and I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of the Syrena :)
Flash You And Me Six strap bondage garter belt.
To go with my Louise harness of course! Isn't it gorgeous?
Playful Promises Magdalene Virgin print harness briefs
They seem to be sold out, unfortunately, but I'm a huge fan of this design. Despite being an atheist I have a soft spot for religious art and these are just too good to miss out on! I hope I'll find them somewhere else soon...
Playful Promises Juliet Harness bra
You probably can't have missed that PP have a new DD-G line with 28-36 bands! I've been a fan of theirs for a while but haven't been able to wear any of their bras until now, now the only thing I miss is the means to try them as they're not the cheapest (on the other hand they're not super expensive either!). I'd really like to try the Juliet as teh design is really something I've never seen befor and really exciting!

Blue Reign Robyn bra
Blue Reign is a new brad with quite an impressing size chart to choose from, and I really like the looks of this particular style. Morally, I couldn't justify buying leather (I'm really picky about this, I relly don't want to support industries killing other creatures), so I was super pleased to find that Blue Reign uses vegan leather! Now I just need to save up for it!
All pictures are stock photos.