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Christmas wishlist
My wishlist this year isn't very long. I've tried to clean out some of my lingerie collection because I want to narrow it down to pieces I use on a regular basis or to some very special pieces, and thus I don't want to buy a lot of new things that I might not use. I have purchased a couple of things from my past wishlist, among them the marvellous Pearl coat from Collectif (rewiv to come), and I've made some space for some lovely vintage lingerie.
I got a Comexim Ingrid in 55K and a Geisha in 55J about a year ago. I quickly outgrew the Geisha, but the Ingrid quickly became one of the bras I used the most. Sadly, I recently grew out of it as well, but since then, I've wanted to get a couple of other comexim bras. They're pretty, they're perfect for my shape and every day wear, they're of good quality and they're affordable. Comexim also don't charge extra for alterations, such as shorter bands, which is great! I think the size I would opt for this time is a mix of 55L and 55M. I particular I've had my eyes on these models:
Scottie: I've always been a fan of tartan and plaid, so of course I'd love to be able to wear plaid lingerie as well!
Ginger: because I need a new bra that would work as nude on my skin.
Diana: How lovely is this? A green longline? YES PLEASE!
The Meow bra is only available through, and is a lot more expensive than normal Comexim bras, but can we just take a minute and consider the fact that there basically aren't any cat printed lingerie out there? I mean, who wouldn't want this???
Angelou gold girdle from Kiss Me Deadly, as I've recently started to wear girdles more frequently and this is simply divine:
Bizarre girdle from What atie did. I got two corsets in 20" and 18" from WKD during black friday, and am currently trying to season the 20" one. I must say I'm instantly a fan of this brand.
New Look High waist knickers from Dotties Delights + Mosh: They're 'super expensive, but gosh, how cool/pretty/elegant/lovely/every single positive adjective are these?
Voodoo Vixen Lola Dress: I've seen this pop up basically everywhere on instagram, and it looks sooo cool. I'd really, really like this dress. I hope it goes on sale after the holidays.
But to be honest, the thing I want most right now is just time off from work and studies, without stuff having to get done when I get back from the holidays. I can't even begin to describe hoe much I miss this particular view from the Gianicolo hill in Rome, and I really want - no, I need - to see it really, really soon or else I'll die from longing...
I'm absolutely no fan of Christmas (there's nothing about it that I like to be honest), I much prefer New Years Eve. However, this is the perfect time to sum up things I wish for (not as a christmas present, mind you, we only give gifts to children in my family). But a girl can dream, right?
Mimi Holliday Bella Donna.
I don't think this would work very well for me, bras in size S, M, L never do, but I love the idea of it and believe it would look amazing under a derss or knitted sweater. As a classicist I also find the name thrilling, as Belladonna is the name of a plant the roman women ued to enlarge their eye's pupils, which was considered very beautiful. Ovid wrote about this in his Ars Amatoria and Carl von Linné (Linnaeus) named it Atropa from the greek godess who cuts off the threads of life, and I really want to think that the lovely people at Mimi Holliday's HQ thought about this when they named the line :)
Panache Clara gold briefs in XS/S
I bought the bra almost a year ago and it's become one of my staples even though I had to take it in and the gore is stabbing me after a couple of hours of wear. I really regret not buying the matching briefs because now I can't seem to find them in my size anywhere...
Karolina Laskowska Anita choker.
Hopeless Lingerie Selene harness knickers.
Sadly waaay out of my knicker budget...
Comexim Adore bra + breifs.
I grew out of my Comexims, so I'm most definately going to get this set when I've saved up the money! I love how sophisticated this set looks and I'm trying to tone down the colour explosion in my drawer with some black.
Ewa Michalak S Syrena.
While the S-cut isn't my best EM cut, I culdn't resist this lovely colour combination and ordered it while it was on sale. EM will probably always be one of the brands that works best for me, and I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of the Syrena :)
Flash You And Me Six strap bondage garter belt.
To go with my Louise harness of course! Isn't it gorgeous?
Playful Promises Magdalene Virgin print harness briefs
They seem to be sold out, unfortunately, but I'm a huge fan of this design. Despite being an atheist I have a soft spot for religious art and these are just too good to miss out on! I hope I'll find them somewhere else soon...
Playful Promises Juliet Harness bra
You probably can't have missed that PP have a new DD-G line with 28-36 bands! I've been a fan of theirs for a while but haven't been able to wear any of their bras until now, now the only thing I miss is the means to try them as they're not the cheapest (on the other hand they're not super expensive either!). I'd really like to try the Juliet as teh design is really something I've never seen befor and really exciting!

Blue Reign Robyn bra
Blue Reign is a new brad with quite an impressing size chart to choose from, and I really like the looks of this particular style. Morally, I couldn't justify buying leather (I'm really picky about this, I relly don't want to support industries killing other creatures), so I was super pleased to find that Blue Reign uses vegan leather! Now I just need to save up for it!
All pictures are stock photos.
Bras and books: Bulgakov's The Ray of Life + Comexiim Dafhne in 60H
Boken: Novelli, som ni säkert har stött på både en och två gånger i bloggvärden, trycker noveller av författare som markant har bidragit till västvärldens litterära utveckling, t.ex. Dostojevkij, Proust, de Beauvoir, Gogol, Poe, och Plath, men sträcker sig även till modernare och omtalade svenska författare, med målet att introducera dessa för personer som kanske inte känner sig så lockade av tegelstensformatet Brott och Straff eller Krig och Fred har, men deras målgrupp är också människor med läsesvårigheter (med hjälp av nyöversättningar, större radavstånd, och små tunna böcker, vilket får dessa klassiker att framstå som väldigt lättöverkomliga mål för den som inte läser särskilt mycket). Som frekvent läsarinna skräms jag ofta av tanken att många i min egen ålder aldrig har läst någon av de böcker och författare som utgör själva fundamentet i vår litteraturhistoria och kultur, och därför välkomnar jag helhjärtat initiativet, men uppskattar även själv dessa små mästerverk i äkta fickformat. De är helt enkelt perfekt bussläsning och en hcans att få läsa noveller som ibland inte översatts till svenska eller tryckts på felra decennier. Att omslagen sedan är så vackra, är värt något slags pris bara det.
Book: The publishers of Novellix are publishing short stories by famous writers that have played a significant role in western literature, such as Dostoyevsky, Proust, de Beauvoir, Gogol, Poe and Plath, but also contemporary or renowned Sweidsh authors, in order to introduce these authors to people who would't pick up such a brick as Crime and Punishment or War and peace, but also want to make the stories known to thos who have problems reading (featuring a modern style in writing, space between the lines in a petite sized pocket book  would thus make it seeem like an achievable goal for the target group). As a frequent reader who am horrified that many young people today have never read the very fundament of western litterature and culture, I very much embrace this idea, but I also appreciate the true-to-pocket-sized books since they make excellent bus reading and expose us to stories that perhaps haven't been reprinted for several decades (at least in Swedish). The beautiful covers are defiantely worth some kind of price themselves.
Livets Stråle är den fantastiska historien om en vetenskaplig upptäckt som verkligen går snett. Texten flyter på bra och är enkel att ta till sig. Jag har även läst Mästaren och Margerita, och ser absolut likheter texterna emellan. Det är inte en bok som föder stora existensiella tankar, men den är ett mycket intressant och trevligt litet tidsfördriv med snudd på sci-fi. Dessutom matchar den Dafhne så bra.
As for the Ray of Life, it's an excellent little peice about a scientific discovery gone out of hand. The style is very flowing and easy to follow. I've read the Master and Margerita and there are definately similarities in the construction of these two. It's not a story that evokes such deep thoughts as eg Crime and Punishment, but it's a very interesting pass time that is almost sceince fiction like. Besides it matches the Dafhne perfectly.
Dafhe är den första chans jag haft att prova på Comexim, men inte riktigt som jag tänkt mig. Jag gillar verkligen utseendet, men bandet är alldeles för stort. Hur som helst är det bra att ha testat, eftersom jag nu har en tydligare idé om vad jag egentligen hade behövt och vad jag ska be om nästa gång.
The Dafhne was my very first encounter with Comexim, and it wasn't really what I had imagined. I love the appearence of it, but the band is way way too loose, however, it's a good starting point for me as I intend to order another Comexim from their web shop and now know that I have to custom order the band.
Bandet: är jättelöst. Det mäter 60 cm liggande platt, men jag kan dra ut det mer än 15 cm utan att ens försöka. Inte riktigt vad jag hade förväntat mig med andra ord. 2 krokar + öglor.
Band: I'm swimming in it. No seriously, this band is 60cm laid flat and easily stretches 15cm (I can pull it even more). I was not expecting this. 2 hooks + eyes.
Kuporna: Jag skulle säga att 60H är mer eller mindre detsamma som 28FF. Kuporna är vadderade, men inte med kuddar eller något sådant. De består av tre delar ihopsydda med två vertikala sömmar. dvs som Masquerades Rhea, och fungerar på samma sätt, de ger alltså en cakes on a plate-effekt. The är täckta med rosettdekorerad mesh som gör det extremt svårt att ta tydliga bilder av Dafhne. Som du ser finns också en liten spetsbård längst upp.
Cups: I'd syat that the 60H cups fits like 28FF. The are padded all over but has no cushions or anything.They're constructed from three parts joined together with two vertical seams, much like Rhea by Masqueade, and thus works in a similar fashion, e.g. they provide a cakes on a plate look. They're covered with mesh decorated with bows, which makes this bra exceptionally hard to photograph. As you can see there's also a lace trim running along the top of the cups.
Detaljerna: Eftersom jag redan skrivit om kupornas dekor, finns inte jättemycket kvar till denna spalt. En smal men stor rosett sitter på kilen och en mindre på var kupas topp. Ett litet kantband kikar ut under bandets undre kant.
Details: As I've already spoken of the bow mesh and the lace trim, There's not much left. A thin but big bow on the gore, one smaller bow on each apex and a trim on the bottom of the band. Pretty, right?
Passform: På bilderna här har jag dragit åt med en bandförkortare (Rixie clip) så långt det gick och har knäppt BH:n på de innersta öglorna, men jag kan fortfarande dra bak bandet och få in en knytnäve utan att det stramar. Om jag hade skippat bandförkortaren hade det blivit väldigt svårt att kommentera passformen över huvud taget. Killen sitter inte som den ska, men jag är osäker på om det är pga bandet eller att kuporna inte har tillräckligt mycket projektion, möjligtvis är det en kombination. När jag fick hem Dafhne var jag mer 28 FF än G, men jag har växt en del sedan dess, och nu quaddar jag ganska mycket när jag trycker in kilen. Jag tror att jag egentligen hade behöt 55I eller 50K om den skulle ha passat.
Fit: in the pictures I'm wearing it with a Rixie Clip as far as it went and in the innermost pair of eyes, and I can still easily pull the band back and fit my fist there without it being tight. Had I not had this clip on, the fit would hve been very hard to comment. The gore does not tack, but I'm not sure if it's because of the band being so loose or because the cups have too little projection, might be a bit of both. When I got this bra I was more of a 28FF than G, but since they've grown over the lats months I am quadding quite a lot when I push the gore in. I think I would have needed this bra in 55I or 50K for it to fit.
Slutsats: Eftersom detta var mitt första försök med Comexim blev det ju ändå inte helt fel, och nu vet jag vad jag ska prova nästa gång. Jag gillar som sagt Dafhne starkt, och konstruktionen är, förutom bandet, verkligen välgjord. Jag menar, jag skulle inte bli förvånad om Dafhne har en längre levnadstid än liknande modeller, som ovan nämnda Rhea eller Curvy Kates Thrill Me (presentation kommer!). Problemet med bandet är ju dessutom det enda stora problem jag har med passformen (räknar inte de för små kuporna, det var ju bara oturligt), och det har inte fått mig att tappa hoppet för andra Comexims, speciellt inte eftersom jag hört att specialbeställningar hos dem är gratis, free, kostenlos, wolny, gatuit, etc.
Conclusion: As thiss was my first ever shot at Comexim I wasn't that far off after all, and now I know what sizes to try next. I really like the looks of it, and the construction is, apart from the band, really good, I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if this had a much longer life span than similar cut bras like the forementioned Rhea or Curvy Kate's Thrill me (review coming up!). The band issue, which acctually was my only real fit issue (the cups beeing too small doesn't really count as it's just unfortunate), has not made me want to stay away from Comexim, especially since I've heard that they make cumstomisations free, kostenlos, gratis, wolny, gatuit, etc.
Och förresten, kupornas insidor är ju stentuffa med de olika nyanserna av turkost. det liknar lite de där moderna bikinisar (hur böjer man det i plural?). Jag önskar att BH:n var vändbar, haha!
Oh, and by the way, the inside of the cups are super cool with their different turquoise shades, like those bikinis that are appearently à la mode. It makes me wish a little that the bra was reversible, haha.
Someone asked me if I am sponsored throughout the blog. I have never thought about writing this, but I will try to remember in the future. I am not sponsored. I ahve never been either. I purchased, or swapped, all products on this blog myself unless anything else is stated.