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Ewa Michalak S Syrena set 65G/36 + Horace's poems
I purchased this bra when it was released, but have'nt gotten around to review it yet. I've worn it quite a bit though and it's one of my staple bras.
Band: The band is a 65, but fits like a 60, and I can wear it on the tightest hook, but if I know I'm going to be active during the day I usually put on the Rixie clip. I have had this bra since it came out and the band had a tighter fit before washing it a couple of times.
Cups: The cups are a three part construction with removable pads. They are deep, projected and narrow, which is perfect for me. The wires are sturdy and the gore is medium in hight. 2x3 hooks+ eyes.
Details: I love the details! The lace is slightly metallic and has a lovely shine, and I'm a huge fan of the eyelash lace. I adore the huge magenta bow on the gore (even tough it makes the bra sort of hard to wear with low necklines) ad I really like the jewely colour scheme og emerald, blue and magenta.
Fit: When I got this bra the cups were too big for me, but as my size fluctate they're now slightly too small and I get a slight quadding on the left (bigger) boob. I usually wear the removable pad in the right cup to even size difference out, but I wouldn't be able to wear it in both cups. Still, I love that there's an option.
The lace doesn't lie flat under clothes, so I usually don't wear the Syrena under clingy fabrics.
Conclusion: I love this bra so much, it fits me well both in size and shape, which is unusual for my projected centre heavy boobs with narrow roots, but Ewa Michalak usually works very well for me (at least the models S, SM, and BM does). It quads a bit right now, but as I flutcate throughout the month teher are days when it doesn't. This is one of my staple bras. I tend not to wear it under clingy fabrics, because the lace shows, but it's fine for thicker fabrics or rommier tops. It gives me a lovely cleavage, and although the lift is great it's not like a push-up bra. I love the colour scheme - just like a peacock, don't you agree?
The bottom of the band under the cups roll up a bit, and even if this isn't uncomfortable for me, I wish it wouldn't. I think the bands of the newer models are looser than on the older models, which is a bit sad for me (I'd need a 60 band in EM as my ideal band is a 55 and EM runs about a size small, which would be a special order, cost more and is non-returnable).
The bra can be found here.
While I'm not a huge fan og thongs (why didn't I buy the brief???) these are quite comfortable. That said I haven't used them more than a couple of times. They fit quite well, but are slightly big on me, and I would perhaps have been better off with a size 34. It's pretty though, I'll say that, and match the bra very well.
It's a dark blue polyamide/polyester mix with a cotton gusset, green and blue trimming lace and a big magenta bow back, which although charming, shows under tight fitting clothes.
The thong can be found here.
You've probably stumbled upod Horace without even knowing it before. He wrote things like Carpe Diem and Nunc est bibendum and Pulvis et umbra sumus, but exept for qutes everyone wanted as a tattoo five years ago and now sort of regrets, he was one of the most imortant roman poets and his opus is well worth digging into even today.
I picked up this copy of the book in an underground book shop in Rome, and it is has Horace's iambic poetry (the odes and epodes) translated into italian. Now, my italian isn't good enough to read poetry like this, but it has the latin text, which is why I bought it. You should be able to find english translations in just about any book shop worth the name and of course it's also available online (see link below). As a latin student you read quite a lot of Horace (or Horatius as he's really called), and his poetry really speaks even 2000 years after it was written. I can't really review it as I would a novel, partly because I would be very partial (I am of the radical notion that everyone should study Latin in school) and partly because I have no idea how to review poetry. I'll say this though: his verses are both very technically advanced and at the same time they are able to convey feelings.
You can find some of the poems translated into English here, and in Latin here.
I paid for these products myself and all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Jag lägger mycket tid och energi på mina inlägg, och eftersom att jag för tillfället både är på resande fot och skriver B-uppsats hoppas jag att ni kan ha överseende med att jag inte riktigt hinner översätta den här gången, de flesta av mina läsare kan ju inte svenska.

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