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Collectif pearl coat Review
Ok, so I went to Russia for two weeks and naturally I put on my most beautiful coat, which also happens to be both warmest one I have and the most Russain coat in the world. So here's a really Russain review haha. I bought this coat with my own money and all opinions are my own.
Look at that skirt width! (At the bottom of Vera Muchina's famous monument Worker and kolkhoz woman)
I had the Dietrich trench coat in size 6 (XXS), since before. I love it but I can't quite close the top button since there isn't enough room for my boobs, and I also find it a bit tight in the arms, so when I ordered the Pearl coat I got it in a size 8 (XS). I was really on the edge because the price is rather high, but also because I knew that it would be way too expensive to return in case it didn't fit. But it does fit! It fit's great! 
Moscow Red Square
I think I could pull off a size 6 as well, as Collectif make their winter coats with a bit of margin compared to their trench coats, and size 8 is a little wide in the waist and arms (even with a thicker sweater under), but I would have to try it on before buying a smaller size (oh yes, I think I will order another one when this one dies).
St. Petersburg by the river Neva with the Winter Palace in the background
The coat is the same lenght through all the sizes, which on me (158cm) is a bit too long, and I planned to get it shortened, but just haven't done it yet. However, it doesn't touch the ground unless I walk in stairs so it's not a huge problem. Or maybe it is and I'm just lazy haha.
At the Winter Palace. Here you can really see the wonderful colours of the coat
The only thing I would have to say it that Collectif is shitty at sewing on buttons. I lost buttons during the first few wears of clothing from this brand that I ever have lost before. So make sure the first thing you do if you buy a coat from them is to resew all the buttons!
I love the colours of both the green wool and th faux fur. Of course the fur isn't real (that would be barbaric), but is a really lovely and real looking faux fur.
The belt and boots are both thrifted.
The bag with William Morris' Strawberry Thief tapestry is from Sgnare, but I would really advise against buying it, because the shoulder strap buckle broke on the second day of wear, and a couple of days later the seam of teh small pocket on the inside torn open. They returned my money when I sent pictures of this, but I still think it's a waste to buy something of such low quality. 
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