Mademoiselle K

Collectif Edwina dress in size UK8
I got this dress during Collectif's summer sale and bought it while I was quite stressed out because the page kept crashing and each new thing I clicked on took forever to load. I think next time I order from one of their sales I'll look through the page a couple of days before and bookmark each item I want to buy too speed up the process a bit. The international postage is a bit expensive, so I recommend buying things in bulk rather than one and one if you're not in the UK, unless there's something you really, really want.
I previously owned three items from Collectif, the Pearl Coat* (in UK8), the Dietrich trench coat (in UK6) and the Louisedress (in UK10), all of which fit me (ok, so I can't fully close the trench coat over my bust, but I hardly ever close it at all anyway), and all of which have lost one or more buttons. I know other people who have pointed out that Collectif are lousy at sewing on buttons, but the other parts of their clothes are, in my experience, well made. And while it sucks when you loose a button, they're very easy to resew. I lost a button on my Dietrich trench coat on the bus and only found out once I got home. I e-mailed Collectif and they sent me a couple of new buttons free of charge. Their custumer service is fantastic.
Since I didn't have the time (or patience) to check the size guide for each dress I ordered (I ordered 5 dresses!), I just went with the middle size, UK8, for all. The second I clicked "comfirm order" I realized my boobs are bigger than they've been the last few years and in horror I realized that the dresses might all be too small in the bust area.
I had immense luck and the dresses all fit me, and even though I can't put my arms up all the way, my boobs aren't squashed or flattened in the bust area. Acctually they're a little tight over my hips, and I've a pretty even hour glass silhuette, so if you have wider hips you might want to size up in the pencil dresses! The Edwina appears to be a cross-over dress, but the skirt is just a pencil skirt with a cross-over detail, so don't get fooled to think that it's more roomy than teh size gude says!
The pictures of Edwina in Collecif's webshop doesn't reflect the colour very well, it kind of looks like a matte marsala there, but since it's 97% polyester it has some shine to it even though it's not shiny per se, and the colour is much more burgundy in real life. I'm not complaining at all, since this is my absolute favourite colour :)
I think the cross-over part of the skirt which isn't pleated looks a little bit unfinished, and the belt is about 10cm (4") too short to fit in the next loop when the belt is closed on the smallest hole, which means that it sticks out a bit. I guess I could make a new loop out of thread where I need one, it just feels a bit like they didn't think the belt design through enough. I don't know if it's because my boobs are a bit bigger than what they designed the dress for, but when I move aroung a bit the belt creeps up a little, but overall I love the fit and look of the dress though. In these pictures I'm wearing it with Ewa Michalak's S Szykuś in 65G without the extra padding that comes with the bra.
As per usual, I bought this item with my own money, and all opinions are my own.
*I'm going to post a review of teh Pearl coat later this year, as I'm going to Russia in November and honestly it's the most perfect russian coat I've ever seen.