Mademoiselle K

Fashion and dressing for your body type
Hi there! Long time, no see, right? I've been super busy with exams, moving and then they started some major construction work on my building which meant that my windows have been covered and there hasn't been sufficient light in photos for my taste, but here's something new for once :)
From reading posts on reddit and r/bigboobproblems I understand that there is a wish for more petite and busty fashion bloggers. I've also felt the same, that it's quite hard to find busty fashion bloggers that aren't also plus size or pin-up themed. So I thought: why not give it a shot? I mean, I wear clothes almost every day, and while I might not wear every new trend I feel like I'm starting to get an idea of how to dress for my bodytype. Worst case scenario, I'll loose readers or you'll tell me it isn't working.
There are however some key elements to my wardrobe and style:
- My body is pretty much an hourglass. Good, right? But I'm also very short 1,58 m (~5'2"), that's ONE cm taller that Yuri Gagarin (you know, the first man in space who was choosen to go up because he was so short and would fit in the tiny Vostok). This means that normally the waist of whatever I'm wearing isn't really where my own waist is so even fitted things don't really fit at the waist. Also my waist is tiny and I like things to be somewhat fitted around it... And things labled "petit" normally don't accommodate for my bust very well. I know most people would consider this a very minor problem, but it can make shoping a bit tricky for me.
So if your body looks anything like mine, this just might work for the both of us :)
- I dont wear pants, trousers or jeans. I mean I wear shorts every now and then, and lounge around in pyjama pants at home when I have the occasional day off, but I find regular pants to be terribly uncomfortable and 9 out of 10 times I'd rather go for skirts than shorts anyway. My waist-to-hip ratio also makes it really hard to find trousers that fits at the waist. So if you're looking for for how to match those awesome new jeans you just got - keep on looking!
- I normally don't buy new clothes. Basically everything I buy is second hand or vintage, this is because of two factors: I don't want to support the throw-away culture too much and I'd honestly rather spend my money on other things. Oh, and that feeling when you find that special gem in the pile of rubbish at thrift shop is the best! Since I'm at least somewhat handy I also don't mind altering e.g. waists (since very few affordable brands make clothes for curves anyways these days). 
- I'm a student with three part time jobs where I don't need to look especially proffessional. I never wore uniforms or worked anywhere where there were any regulations regarding clothing othere than "Don't show up in your PJ's. Unless you're having a really bad day, then we really appreciate that you even showed up, so it's ok that you're wearing your washed out hoodie". I guess I'm lucky that I don't have to dress "office/professional" even when I'm at the office. Except for once when I worked at a hotel and the manager demanded that we'd cover our knees after 7 p.m, I've never had to follow a dress code.
- I'm 23. That definately has an effect on my wardrobe. I really don't mind a hint of cleavage and nipping the waist in a bit. My plan is to go over items of clothing one by one, how to match them and what I look for when I buy that piece of clothing. I might not be the trendiest, but I hate boring clothes! The point is to dress for your body, not against it!
This is how I dress most of the time tbh... Just lounging around in kimonos, robes or large knitted sweaters, heh...
Are you with me on this? What item would you like me to discuss first?
And don't worry, of course I'll keep posting lingerie too!