Mademoiselle K

Christmas wishlist
My wishlist this year isn't very long. I've tried to clean out some of my lingerie collection because I want to narrow it down to pieces I use on a regular basis or to some very special pieces, and thus I don't want to buy a lot of new things that I might not use. I have purchased a couple of things from my past wishlist, among them the marvellous Pearl coat from Collectif (rewiv to come), and I've made some space for some lovely vintage lingerie.
I got a Comexim Ingrid in 55K and a Geisha in 55J about a year ago. I quickly outgrew the Geisha, but the Ingrid quickly became one of the bras I used the most. Sadly, I recently grew out of it as well, but since then, I've wanted to get a couple of other comexim bras. They're pretty, they're perfect for my shape and every day wear, they're of good quality and they're affordable. Comexim also don't charge extra for alterations, such as shorter bands, which is great! I think the size I would opt for this time is a mix of 55L and 55M. I particular I've had my eyes on these models:
Scottie: I've always been a fan of tartan and plaid, so of course I'd love to be able to wear plaid lingerie as well!
Ginger: because I need a new bra that would work as nude on my skin.
Diana: How lovely is this? A green longline? YES PLEASE!
The Meow bra is only available through, and is a lot more expensive than normal Comexim bras, but can we just take a minute and consider the fact that there basically aren't any cat printed lingerie out there? I mean, who wouldn't want this???
Angelou gold girdle from Kiss Me Deadly, as I've recently started to wear girdles more frequently and this is simply divine:
Bizarre girdle from What atie did. I got two corsets in 20" and 18" from WKD during black friday, and am currently trying to season the 20" one. I must say I'm instantly a fan of this brand.
New Look High waist knickers from Dotties Delights + Mosh: They're 'super expensive, but gosh, how cool/pretty/elegant/lovely/every single positive adjective are these?
Voodoo Vixen Lola Dress: I've seen this pop up basically everywhere on instagram, and it looks sooo cool. I'd really, really like this dress. I hope it goes on sale after the holidays.
But to be honest, the thing I want most right now is just time off from work and studies, without stuff having to get done when I get back from the holidays. I can't even begin to describe hoe much I miss this particular view from the Gianicolo hill in Rome, and I really want - no, I need - to see it really, really soon or else I'll die from longing...