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Parfait Elissa
Sorry for the bad updates lately. My boyfriend broke up with me, I had several exams and I've been hospitalized and, well, every little piece of my life has been upside down. 

There's one thing in the world of lingerie that caught my attention despite all of this chaos: the bridal line from Parfait.

While it's pretty and all of that, the real thing that got me interested was the name, it's called Elissa. Now I know that this might not make everyone's heads turn, but as someone who studies the classics full time, it struck me as a very bad choice. 

Elissa is another name for queen Dido in the Aeneid. Dido falls head over heels for Aeneas (with a little help from a certain godess) and believes that they get married, not through a proper ceremony, but the goddesses make nature performance parts of the typical roman wedding ceremony. The Aeneas is told be Hermes to leave (like "yeah, I like you and all, but, ehm, it's not you, it's me, or well, it's acctually it's Hermes"). When he leaves Dido kills herself in a super dramatic way (she built a funeral pyre with all of Aeneas' stuff, throws her on his sword). 

I don't know, but I feel like it's a bit distasteful to name wedding lingerie after someone who killed herself because she was left by the man she thought she had just married.

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