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Coco de Mer Titania 30F mini review
My brand new computer crashed so everything has just been full of chaos lately. Hopefully I'll get it back from the repair in time for my departure. I have several reviews that are just waiting to be written when I get the technical issues sorted out. Hoppfully I'll be able to arrange for some photoshoots in Rome as well, but no promises. Anyhow, here's a mini review written on my ipad until things clear up. 
Min sprillans nya dator kapitulerade, så saker och ting har varit aningen kaotiska senaste tiden. Förhoppningsvis kommer den tillbaka från lagningen innan jag åker. Jag har fotat flera små projekt, men kan just nu inte göra något med bilderna eftersom jag inte kan koppla in kameran i ipaden, ja ni fattar. Förhoppningsvis kanske jag kan fixa lite foto sessions i Rom, men lovar ännu inget. Hur som helst kommer här en minigrej jag skrev/fotade med plattan. 

95% silk, 5% lycra! can't complain about material composition <3

Bandet är lite tight för en 30, men för löst för mig. Kuporna är små och grunda, skulle säga att den passar 28F/30E bättre. På grund av att den inte riktigt passade fick den flytta vidare, jag tycker att en sådan här extravagant liten sak förtjänar ett mer spännande liv än den hade fått längst bak i min BH-låda.
The band is a bit tight for a 30, but still too loose for me. The cups are small and too shallow, I'd say this fits somewhere in the 28F/30E area. Because it didn't fit me well enough I decided to let go of it, as I believe such an extravagant piece deserves a more exciting fate than it would get at the bottom of my drawer.

Coco de Mer är ett märke jag har velat prova länge, men eftersom jag inte har ekonomin att lägga en tusenlapp på en quartercup som jag inte skulle kunna använda utanför hemmet, passade jag på under deras vårrea, och jag blev absolut inte besviken! Tycker att om man väger in materialen och hur extremt välsydd Titania är, rättfärdigas prislappen. Dessutom älskar jag den löjligt stora rosetten på kilen!
Coco de Mer is a brand I've wanted to try for a while now, but since a bra is around ~85£, and I really don't have the budget to splash that kind of cash on a quartercup that I wouldn't be able to wear outside the house, I decided to wait for the spring sale. I was not dissappointed (other than the fact that it didn't fit)! I think the price point is definately justified because of the luxurious materials and how extremely well made the Titania was. Further, I love the oversized bow on the gore!

Ciao Leute!
Parfait Elissa
Sorry for the bad updates lately. My boyfriend broke up with me, I had several exams and I've been hospitalized and, well, every little piece of my life has been upside down. 

There's one thing in the world of lingerie that caught my attention despite all of this chaos: the bridal line from Parfait.

While it's pretty and all of that, the real thing that got me interested was the name, it's called Elissa. Now I know that this might not make everyone's heads turn, but as someone who studies the classics full time, it struck me as a very bad choice. 

Elissa is another name for queen Dido in the Aeneid. Dido falls head over heels for Aeneas (with a little help from a certain godess) and believes that they get married, not through a proper ceremony, but the goddesses make nature performance parts of the typical roman wedding ceremony. The Aeneas is told be Hermes to leave (like "yeah, I like you and all, but, ehm, it's not you, it's me, or well, it's acctually it's Hermes"). When he leaves Dido kills herself in a super dramatic way (she built a funeral pyre with all of Aeneas' stuff, throws her on his sword). 

I don't know, but I feel like it's a bit distasteful to name wedding lingerie after someone who killed herself because she was left by the man she thought she had just married.