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Scantilly - the naughty side of Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate appearently announced that they're releasing a new line, Scantilly. It seems to be sexy in the naughty cliché way, but I must admitt that does not always need to be a bad thing, e.g. the sheer bra in this promo picture: I would gladly give it a place in my drawer. I'm not so keen on the satin bedding though ;)

Somehow, this line was not very surprising to me. I always thought CK had pretty girly lingerie that was sexy in the girl-next-door kind of way, but mainly seemed to focus on the younger crowd, and therefore Scantilly appears to be the natural teenage rebellion, pushing the boundries a bit, trying new things, exploring the own body and personality. Who knows, maybe the next line to come from Curvy Kate (at least if they let their bras appearence age together with their crowd) will be a mature and sofisticated one?

Summa summarum: I love this aging process that Curvy Kate is going through, it's maybe not the most uniqe or refreshing collection, but then again teenagers aren't either. But it is exciting to see a high street brand take these steps :)

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