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Christmas wish list <3
I find myself somewhat disgusted when I think of Christmas (as a vegetarian and a cynic) and every year I plan to spend it far far away from family and traditions. However I have little cousins who would be devostated if I was away yet another holiday and therefore I wrote a wish list (as rules are in my family: no christmas gifts if you're not present and polite, regardless of age):

Parfait Danielle longline in 30F + boyshorts in S

Mimi Holiday Sticky Toffee Pudding maxi bra in 28G

Gossard Temptation in 30F
Fortnight Mira in 30F
Comexim Poison Ivy in 55HH/J (Ingrid and Luna as well)
Gossard Colour Clash set in 30F + suspender in XS + knickers in S

Mimi Holliday Banoffee Pie comfort bra in 28G
Miss Mandalay Amelie in 28FF/G
Gossard Phoebe in 30F + Sispender XS + knickers S
Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou Strawberry bow knickers in XS

Not lingerie realated: 
Kusmi tea Violette
Collectif Pearl coat regardless of colourway size 8

P.S. I know I won't get anything lingeriewise on my list, as gifts for recievers between age 12 and 50 only consist of cash. But this year I might get the tea :)

All pictures are promos, except for the bisou knickers (from figleaves) and the Collectif coat (from

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